WaterSense project

HydroLogic’s situational decision support

for climate-resilient water management

Our Water & ICT solutions are based on 5 pillars:

  • Integrated water management with local knowledge

  • Hydroinformatics and data science technologies

  • Proven effective and benefit-driven solutions

  • Systemic approaches: crossing borders, adaptive and resilient

  • Partner networks to create optimum value chains

We create impact by providing near-real-time digital services customized to our clients’ needs and that help them deal with major climate change phenomena such as water stress, flood risks and deteriorating ecosystems.

Contributing to sustainable development is key to our work. That’s why we specifically support:

  • SDG2 by seeking to ensure a balanced water supply for all stakeholders, including sufficient water for sustainable agriculture;
  • SDG6 by boosting water security through the availability of good-quality fresh water and drinking water distribution;
  • SDG11 by providing early warnings of floods and drought and preventing heat stress in urbanized environments;
  • SDG13 by helping water managers to minimize climate risks and create awareness of the urgent need for climate action.

Water authorities face information overflows

These days, water managers can use a range of ICT solutions to access monitoring systems, IoT networks, open geodata, and radar and satellite data from a multitude of sources. That means information on all sorts of essential parameters – such as precipitation, evaporation, water flows and salinity – from many different sources.

But this information can be of varying quality and application scope. Data may be available within a water authority, for example, but may be captured in database systems to which only a few employees have access. The rapid speed at which useful new data sources are becoming available can mean water authorities increasingly becoming locked into data silos and facing ambiguous information overflows.

Creating useful information from this data is difficult and laborious, even for experts, and entails time, effort and cost. Keeping up to speed with technological advances also restricts the genuinely integrated water-resources management that is crucial for fighting climate shocks, in particular sudden floods, droughts and poor water quality.

All the information at your fingertips

Now is the time to overcome these limitations and get the data you need for your work. Simply start your computer or use your mobile phone and zoom in to a convenient dashboard with only the information relevant to your tasks. And then just click and configure a new dashboard for any other data you need.

All our data science and technologies are operational and running in the background. That means true data integration; information engineering based on climate, weather and water knowledge; seamless data-to-model integration, and AI-based modelling.

Whatever data sources you need, HydroLogic assists you by providing impact-focused configuration of customized information paths and analytics tools, models and operational systems. That means unlocking data boundaries, no ICT worries and adaptive and spot-on information so you can deal with your actual water-resources challenges: water distribution, compliance monitoring, on-time drainage, drought prevention and water quality control.

Water managers increasingly at risk of failing to take timely action

Politicians, government agencies and civil society need water managers to come up with prompt answers to the pressing water issues and climate shocks affecting us all. Whether these shocks involve sudden extreme precipitation with flood risks or poor water quality resulting in fish deaths, or water shortages, agricultural damage, eco-system loss or sudden limits on drinking water supply, water authorities need real-time data if they are to provide the prompt answers required.

But all too often this is impossible – whether because the required data is unavailable or because of laborious data management practices, the limited availability of experts to manage difficult data formats, inaccessible data lakes, limited ICT knowledge or a lack of the expert tooling needed to create overviews. Water authorities unable almost instantaneously to provide insight and actionable information lose credibility. And taking action too slowly results in damage, social disruption and loss of life. That’s what we saw during the 2021 floods in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in the upper reaches of the River Meuse, when 209 residents died because they were unable to leave their homes in time.

Situational information, configured in minutes

Water authorities need data integration, water intelligence and dissemination services configured to their needs. That’s why HydroLogic has developed a cloud-based integrative software platform: HydroNET.

Being data- and model-agnostic, the HydroNET platform is flexible, adaptable and able to work with any format, without data duplication. It seamlessly connects to a wide range of data sources, ranging from telemetry networks, IoT devices, water and climate databases, ECMWF weather forecasts and radars to Sentinel satellite information, as well as connecting to hundreds of other data sources, including monitoring and computing systems such as Delft-FEWS, WISKI, Hydstra, Aquarius and other customized sources.

HydroNET is readily available and scalable to any place in the world. All you need is an internet browser to configure dashboards focusing on your specific needs. All the required information is available at the click of a button. HydroNET also provides tools for you to adjust or configure your own actionable logic and to present it in thematic maps, graphs, infographics, situational dashboards and digital control rooms in just a few minutes. Results are typically presented on video walls in crisis management rooms and on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All information can be shared with other water authorities, the public and any other stakeholders in the water domain. Everything is ready for use, wherever you are: in the office, at home, travelling or in the field.

Read the HydroNET positioning paper

No ICT worries: HydroNET offers everything you need

Many water authorities think they need expensive software tooling and ICT infrastructure costing millions of euros. This is simply not true. Everything you need for appropriate decision support is readily available. Just connect your local data sources to our solution – other public sources are already connected – and you are ready to start.

HydroNET has been developed by water professionals for water professionals. Dutch waterboards and water authorities in many other countries have been involved in developing the concept and ensuring its usability over the past 15 years. In this way, we have helped water authorities across the world to become more resilient by providing the right information for smart water management, where every drop of water counts.

Our partnership model creates value chains where specialized data providers, added-value providers, research institutions, local consultants, water authorities and weather services join forces to incorporate integrated water-management knowledge into solutions and reuse data, logic and models developed within the platform.

Information chain benefiting all parties

HydroNET promotes integrated water-resources management by providing water professionals with customized dashboards to support timely and accountable decisions in any situation. This approach helps to:

  • ensure water safety in flood-risk situations
  • improve water security in drought situations
  • reduce damage and prevent casualties from natural hazards
  • save time and costs by reusing data and services already available

Because HydroNET has been developed as a SaaS solution and runs in the cloud, its functionalities are shared by all users. This makes it highly affordable. Our staff manage the system and support customers via a service desk. That means no ICT worries, no data management efforts and no coding needed.

Over 8000 professionals trust our services

HydroNET is used by more than 8000 water professionals in 12 countries across the world. That means we have a positive impact on over 100 million inhabitants. And 95% of all local water authorities in the Netherlands use our services.

HydroNET targets the following key areas:

  • Water security: water availability for agriculture, drinking water and ecosystems
  • Water sustainability: environmentally friendly distribution of fresh water, meeting all stakeholder requirements
  • Water resilience in natural and human-made environments for flood and drought management.

As a Dutch water board customer says, “The fact that we can create new situational dashboards in minutes, like we did to manage an illegal emission of chemicals in surface waters, and share them within and outside our organization is unique; no other digital tooling can do that.

Outside the Netherlands, we have ongoing relationships with 34 knowledgeable local parties as our local points of contact. This helps avoid potential cultural and language barriers. We recently also established a partnership with Arcadis covering many more countries, including the United States and United Kingdom.

HydroNET is valued by all our users and has won several awards:

  • Already in 2013, we won NLdigital’s prestigious National ICT Award for our software product;
  • In 2013, we were also given a special mention in the Aquatech innovation award;
  • In 2017, we won the Partners for Water Award (a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for best project of past 5 years, for our digital water control room for South Africa, based on a sustainable co-creation and cooperation model;
  • In 2019, we were placed third (out of hundred selected entries) in the Dutch Chambers of Commerce’s Innovations Award for our integrative approach to mitigating urgent climate effects.

Generic solution for local implementation

Our approach to managing water-resources systems works anywhere in the world. Its ICT is fully scalable, using cloud infrastructure spread over different continents. Many relevant open data sources are already available and new customers can work with global data and experience the system’s benefits from the start. More detailed, local data may be included at a later stage, depending on what the system is used for: flood management, drought management and/or water quality management, or data sharing with other organizations and public communications.

Thanks to some recently established partnerships we are expecting exponential growth, with outreach to 70+ new countries. We can then cover even more climate-affected areas needing balanced management to preserve the environment and ensure fair distribution of water among all stakeholders.

Making impact by mitigating weather, water and climate risks

Our vision is for every water manager to be equipped with the tooling needed to take well-informed decisions, from the river-basin to the local field-level scale. That means giving them customized information for reviewing operations. And information to which they can react instantly. We aim to provide such situational information in easy-to-configure dashboards, with data integration, water intelligence and other knowledge-intensive processes all running in the background. So, no need for users or their organizations to get involved. HydroNET partners work together to provide the services creating the value chains needed for users to have the best available information at their fingertips.

We distribute our integrated water services solution through a fast-growing local network of suppliers who share the same ambitions and appreciate our cooperative value model. In this way we make a significant contribution to ensuring environmentally friendly water management by providing timely warnings and actionable information that allow water to be distributed carefully, minimize damage from natural hazards, and prevent flood and drought casualties. Customers subscribing to HydroNET join our world-wide community of water-management practitioners who frequently get together to share experiences and outlooks at online and physical seminars.

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