Water Control Room

Single entry to water information

Climate change and a fast-growing population in cities forces water professionals to deal more often with excessive rainfall, (flash)floods, water quality issues, longer periods of drought and rising sea levels. Easy access to the right information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before, during and such after hazardous events.
The HydroNET Water Control Room empowers users to make well-informed, timely and transparent decisions with easy access to the right information and knowledge at the right time. It runs in the cloud and is therefore available via PC, tablet or smartphone anywhere and at any time.

Connect to various data sources

The water control room can be connected to a wealth of data sources and information processing platforms such as Delft FEWS, ESRI ArcGIS, IBM IOC as well as telemetric systems monitoring systems.
HydroNET provides a series of web-based tools which enable users to configure tailored reports, dashboards, alerts and story maps for individuals, colleagues, internal and external stakeholder groups and/or communities.

The water control room consists of six configurable components:


To view, combine and analyse archived and operational data sets which are connected to HydroNET. HydroView can present data various data and information systems of different organisations in one Water Control Room, for example to support transboundary co-operation.


To keep an eye on water system performance. Configure thresholds and algorithms to add value to connected data sources. Automatically monitors the current and forecasted status of water systems via traffic light concept: colored thematic maps and graphs. In one HydroWatch map or graph data from various data and information systems can be used.


Timely alerting and reduce impact of hazards. Configure alert levels for Points of Interest (e.g. objects, catchments, locations) and automatically send out alerts by e-mail or SMS to warn the people who need to take preventive actions and reduce impact.


To configure water system report templates in documents such as Word and PowerPoint with live content of HydroView and HydroWatch. Updates automatically when report templates with predefined content are opened with the latest data and information.


Share live content from your Water Control Room across organisations and with stake-holders via websites or platforms of other providers such as ESRI (story maps).


Configure your Water Control Room dashboards with the content generated by the all the HydroNET components. Each user can create, duplicate, configure or share dashboards.

The HydroNET control room has been implemented and used by many water authorities in the Netherlands, Europe and on other continents. More information including user stories can be found here:

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