Business model development

Climate change and a fast-growing population in cities forces water professionals to deal more often with excessive rainfall, (flash)floods, water quality issues, longer periods of drought and rising sea levels. Easy access to the right information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before, during and after hazardous events. HydroNET provides such information.

However, the best solutions can only be provided by cooperation of the best experts of companies and academia, who have access to the best data and information sources. It requires them to cooperate, not only during projects, but also after project life times. The HydroNET business model which we have designed together with partners from various fields and from all over the world, allows working together in a chain of added value parties and information services and share revenues of joint activities.

Award winning product

Our model to cooperate with partners has been awarded major prizes in the water and ICT industry: the ‘Partners for Water 2017 award’ and the ‘ICT innovation 2013 award’. These are tokens of appreciation from other organisations in our field of work, for the way in which we jointly develop sustainable business in the Netherlands and internationally.

Apart from commercial use of HydroNET, we provide it to project teams for rapid application development on its solid server engine and databases as well as a platform for standardised data exchange and access to open and private data.

On the basis of our wide experience with various business models of ICT solutions in which a chain of partners is involved, we often play the role of business-model developer in consortia of research projects. We then perform market and business analytics with partner organisations as well as with stakeholders active in the domain of application such as water authorities at local, regional and national levels, as well as citizen stakeholder groups if involved.