RECONECT Kick off meeting in Italy

Published on 15 January 2019 by Jan Willem Leeuwenhoek

In September 2018 a new EU funded project started called RECONECT. RECONECT demonstrates the effectiveness of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) against hydro-meteorological risks. The project aims to rapidly enhance the European reference framework on NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction by demonstrating, referencing, upscaling and exploiting large-scale NBS in rural and natural areas.

Kick off meeting

The kick off meeting took place in one of the project locations, Portofino Italy. The Italian Liguria coast has great damage from a storm last October. Over 35 partners from over the world are gathered together to see which nature based solutions can be used to improve and monitor 25 areas all over the world.

WaterDetective app

HydroLogic Research will use the HydroNET platform and crowd sourcing app WaterDetective to provide weather forecast data, mobile monitoring and smart data visualisations. Using our IT products, we want to help the project locations to monitor their local areas. Our HydroNET products are a part of the ICT platform that will be built for the Reconect platform.

Nature based solutions

We hope that RECONECT will show that using nature based solutions helps to decrease the usage of traditional ‘grey infrastructure’ and that after applying our solutions areas become cleaner, environment friendlier, greener and still provide a save place for people to live.

More information about RECONECT can be found on the website

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 776866.