Optimum water use for water supply and drought prevention in rural areas

A comprehensive and generic Decision Support System (DSS) has been developed for the management of water quantity and water quality, using hydrodynamic, hydrologic and unsaturated zone models. The system is used for detailed analysis of soil-water interactions and operational water management.

HydroLogic developed data streams of monitored soil moisture and other hydrologic variables, real-time running models, and information channels in this research project, teaming up with other companies, research organisations and stakeholders of farmer cooperatives, water board and province.

Our activities

The consortium

The three-years research project was carried out in public-private partnership (PPP) cooperation with the Drenthe Public Water Supply, the Hunze & Aa’s Water Board, Dacom Plant Service, Dynamic Systems Intelligence (DySI), Wageningen University and Research Centre – Applied Plant Research (PPO), Wetsus Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, and the Province of Drenthe.



This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ‘Pieken in de Delta’.