SCOREwater ensures climate resilience of European cities

Climate change and urbanization are major challenges to managing wastewater, stormwater and flooding events. Important questions for cities are: how to deal with these challenges in a cost-effective way, while addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU policies and directives and engaging citizens, and at the same time contribute to market development for water-engineering SMEs?

SCOREwater provide sensors and digital tools to improve wastewater, stormwater and flood management. The tools are developed and tested by stakeholders, including local communities, municipalities, companies and citizens, in co-creation with technology and ICT developers. The project develops and uses digital water-management services for cities, such as spatiotemporal data provision, environmental information, hydrological simulation and serious gaming. The project features a unique approach to identifying social and organizational enablers for the development and effective use of the tools.

SCOREwater is carried out from 2019-2023 by 14 organisations of three European cities. The project develops ‘sewer sociology’ method for analysing lifestyle based on water quality of sewer water (Barcelona), new techniques for water quantity monitoring, urban heat stress and hydrological modelling (Amersfoort), and resilience approaches against stormwater flows at construction sites (Göteborg).

One digital water solution for water-management services

The knowledge and data which is collected in the case-study projects are disseminated through a digital platform. Project partners and stakeholders can optimally learn from one-another and make use all available knowledge and outcomes. The ICT services and tools which SCOREwater develops are made available to other cities via the same platform. Existing ICT platforms and services (e.g. FIWARE and CKAN) will be used as a basis. Upcoming digital technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are further developed, tested and used to create meaningful real-time predictions on water quantity and quality in the urban environment.

SCOREwater identifies the best way to develop and implement the digital services, so that data, information and tools can be used also by others than project partners.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 820751.