HydroNET Insure App

Water managers have a difficult task and require improved information regarding rainfall and streamflow to manage flood and rain events as they unfold allowing them more time to make good decisions. Currently, it takes water managers or insurance companies a lot of time and effort to collect the required information during and after an event.

Information is sparse in many areas of Australia, and what information is available is not readily available to most people.

Thanks to funding from the European Space Agency a solution will be developed that allows water managers and insurance companies to access required information quickly and easily.

The Rain and Flood Report Generator

The objective is to demonstrate “The Rain and Flood Report Generator” service which automatically collects the best available rainfall and flood data from crowdsourcing apps, gauges, radars and satellites for any specified location in Australia.  The report generator smartly combines and translates this data into easy to understand rainfall and flood maps and automatically generates documents containing all required information to support flood analysis.

HydroLogic Research has contributed to the following components of the “The Rain and Flood Report Generator”:

The project started in January 2015. The user requirements workshops were organized in March 2015. Over 20 organisations joined the user requirement workshops.

Watch the video about the Insure App here.

More information at the ESA website