Why it is important to involve SME’s in research projects

Creating sustainable services to solve problems of weather, drought, flood and climate risks, as well as creating impact during and after the project. That is the role of HydroLogic in Innovation Actions (IA) and Research and Innovation Actions (RIA). We have done so in 15+ projects in which we developed citizen-science apps, real-time data services and user-centric cloud software, including the associated business models together with end-users and launching customers. Read more >

Investing in software development yourself?

Data science and advanced ICT play an important role in making water management more weather and climate resilient. Water managers, consultancy firms and researchers are therefore strongly committed to this. But investing in software development comes with unexpected challenges. Your annual investment quickly turns into a cost item for management and maintenance. Do you also see great opportunities in data science and do you want to invest in software development? Read more >

The GLOW project

The GLOW project aims to provide timely and easy access to current and forecasted water resources information – availability and demand – across an entire water resources system, with a focus on water stored in reservoirs, soils and groundwater bodies.

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Transboundary Water Management made easier using the TWIGA platform

Currently, only around 58% of Africans have access to safe drinking water. More than 90% of African fresh water is contained within 63 internationally shared basins. The current fresh water distribution in Africa is expected to change rapidly due to climatic- and socio-economic drivers (IPCC, 2014).

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The power of the TWIGA partnership

Within the TWIGA project a broad variety of partners from Europa and Africa are involved. The TWIGA team has applied the award winning HydroNET partnership model where the strength of each partner in the information chain can be optimally used.

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Coronavirus: HydroLogic colleagues are available, working from home

Dear customers and partners,

Despite the corona crisis the HydroLogic teams are available, working on projects and ensuring availability of our services from home. Our office and colleagues can be reached via the general phone number: +31 33 4753535 and as usual via e-mail and mobile phone. We are using Skype and Teams as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Effective Transnational Catchment Management

Catchment management is usually the responsibility of a governmental organization such as a Catchment Management Agency in South Africa or a Water Board in the Netherlands. However, catchment boundaries are not always situated within a political region.

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