Hydrologic and Arcadis accelerate development HydroNET

Published on 17 February 2022 by Marieke van Slooten

Smart digital water platform for addressing water and climate challenges more effectively

Left to Right: Maarten Spijker, Robert de Kort, Harm Albert Zanting, Hanneke van Manen, Arnold Lobbrecht en Leanne Reichard

HydroNET, a cloud platform developed by HydroLogic aimed at supporting water managers in their decision-making, will now be accelerated in its market launch thanks to the use of Arcadis’ worldwide network. Both companies work together in a joint enterprise for further development and maintenance of the platform. Thanks to the innovative prowess of both companies, the award-winning platform will offer current and new customers additional functionality and digital services.

Current climate change poses unprecedented challenges to water managers. Urbanized areas, agricultural areas and nature areas suffer from devastating floods, heat waves and water shortages. As of 2005, HydroLogic supports water management professionals to better anticipate to more extreme weather conditions. Their support is aimed at the development of plans, operational decision-making, water policy evaluation as well as monitoring the impact of measures in place. By providing the right information and digital advisories at the right time water professionals are able to take well-informed, transparent and accountable decisions for managing water resources and ensuring sufficient availability of water of the right quality and water-safe environments. Currently, over 4500 water management professionals of regional water authorities, city councils and expert centres in the Netherlands and abroad make use of HydroNET’s services.

The HydroNET partnership has been timed well for both companies. HydroLogic was looking for a partner to invest in the sustainable development of HydroNET as well as to accelerate the platform’s international roll-out. Arcadis is ambitious with regard to their digital services and HydroNET allows the company to extend its offering to customers world-wide. As of now, Arcadis is co-owner of the HydroNET platform.

Arcadis and HydroLogic offer their customers digital services with HydroNET, while each company targets markets in different countries. As before, HydroLogic continues to offer HydroNET in the Netherlands and in its current international markets, such as South-Africa. Arcadis will take on scaling up HydroNET internationally, focusing on the United States and the United Kingdom initially, with other countries to follow. Arcadis and HydroLogic continue to operate as separate consultancies.

Arcadis director Harm Albert Zanting: “HydroNET is a great addition to our portfolio, while the partnership will boost our digital ambitions. I very much look forward to our co-operation, knowing that our colleagues in the United States and the United Kingdom are excited to be able to offer HydroNET to their clients.”

HydroLogic director Arnold Lobbrecht: “We are very pleased with this exciting cooperation as it will enable us to further develop HydroNET sustainably. And it allows us to offer more impactful innovative solutions for water management professionals in taking on the challenges of climate change.”