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About us

We are a team of experts in water and ICT who understand the responsibility we have to society and we are seeking sustainable, innovative environmental solutions to urgent water problems. 

Our clients include environmental agencies, ministries, provinces, water boards, municipalities, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission (EC).  

We have the vision that water problems of our living environments resulting from climate change and urbanisation can be solved primarily by big-data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and innovative ICT. It is our mission to provide water stakeholders with smart water-management solutions based on secure and reliable information, quality-assured water-simulation models, focussed ICT tools and in-depth water knowledge. 

We are a highly specialised company providing hydroinformatics services: solutions to assess, to analyse and to control water problems. 

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We research and develop advances in hydroinformatics such as simulation models, data analytics, data modelling, Artificial Intelligence (AI), remote sensing, GIS-based modelling, web services and mobile information and communication technologies.  

Many prototypes of tools and applications have been developed in EC and ESA funded research and national innovation projects.  

It resulted in the open HydroNET Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This platform received the National ICT Innovation Award of the Netherlands in 2013, a prestigious prize for product excellence and cooperative business model, issued by the Dutch ICT industry. 


HydroLogic performs consultancy in the area of climate and water, mainly in The Netherlands. We have strong expertise in hydrologic and hydrodynamic modelling, data analysis and strategic & operational watermanagement. More Specifically:

  • Enhancing water safety through flood modelling, operational simulation and probabilistic water-system performance analysis.
  • Water-availability analysis and balanced distribution of fresh water and salt-intrusion prevention in rivers and rural water systems.
  • Efficient water management support through high-quality historic, actual and forecasted precipitation information provided by HydroNET.
  • Water information for agriculture from all possible sources and at all spatial scales: satellite, radar, telemetry, local monitoring and citizen observations.
  • Water-problem solving through data modelling, physically-based modelling and measure analysis at strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Climate-adaptation analysis for the urban environment using integrated 3D simulation of floods and drought indices.
  • Information management: co-design and co-development of water-control rooms resulting in personalised dashboards and applications.
  • Supporting smart water management, providing water-system knowledge and using our own ICT platforms, detailed data and information sources.


HydroLogic started the development of HydroNET in 2005 to provide the Dutch Water Sector with the best available rainfall data. From that moment, the HydroNET Portal has been co-designed and co-developed with end-users from the water sector, mainly water boards, municipalities, ministries and industries.

The HydroNET online platform and tools of HydroLogic and its partners, provides web-based services to access climate, weather and water information, from a global atmospheric level to the very local level of a river or a canal. The HydroNET water control room provides personalised dashboards to analyse and learn from historic, current and forecasted big-data sets. It is a very flexible and customisable collection of decision support tools for strategic and operational water management professionals.

Currently HydroNET is used by over 4000 clients from 12 countries. It seamlessly connects to hydrological and meteorological databases from different organisations in real-time. Smart web-applications transfer archived and operational weather and water data into valuable  information which enables water professionals to make informed decisions for the analysis and sustainable management of water resources.

HydroNET has been developed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means that the software runs in the cloud and is accessible via the Internet. It provides backend services, application services, real-time information streams, dashboards and frontend applications to enable professionals to manage and improve the resilience of their water systems. Many water professionals use HydroNET to support their short and long-term water-management decisions. HydroNET connects the user to all available data sources in real-time; combines the data and displays them on personal, user-friendly dashboards and it enables users to make informed decisions by providing digital control rooms which enhance the understanding of water-system behaviour.

We are continually further developing the platform with funding of commercial projects and of research projects. Local resellers help us to integrate local knowledge of weather and water problems and create working solutions for local markets. Outside the Netherlands we are mainly active in the following countries: Australia, South Africa and Germany.

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