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We provide copies of our recent and most relevant publications. Not all publications are available in PDF. For copyright publications/books, please refer to the relevant links below.


Reichard, L.; Lobbrecht, A.; Clark, S.; Catalano, C.; Tate, B.; Cox, D.
Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium, Australia 2014.
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Verbree, E.; De Vries, M.; Gorte, B.; Oude Elberink, S.; Karimlou, G.
TINISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume II-2/W1, 2013.
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Einfalt, T.; Lobbrecht, A.; Leung, K-Y.; Lempio, G. (2012). Preparation and evaluation of a Dutch-German radar composite to enhance precipitation information in border areas, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, Special issue on Radar Rainfall Data Analyses and Applications, ASCE 2012 (full paper).
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Lobbrecht, A.; Einfalt, T.; Reichard, L.; Poortinga, I. (2011) Decision support for urban drainage using radar data of HydroNET-SCOUT, Weather Radar and Hydrology, Proceedings of the symposium held in Exeter, UK, April 2011, IAHS Publ. 2011.
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