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Water information and decision-support tools

We and our partners have developed a series of tools to support strategic and operational water management. All our ICT products are web-based so that stakeholders can use them without having to worry about software installation and maintenance. We ensure continuous operation of all our services from our data centres in Amsterdam and Amersfoort. We also use external cloud services to expand capacity during periods of heavy data traffic.

Our product is the award-winning HydroNET SaaS solution, with its various extensions. Clients log on to our customisable portal and can then use the products (WaterApps) they subscribed to. 

We offer:
HydroNET - Portal universal portal for all your water information
HydroNET - Meteo hydro-meteorological information for water management
HydroNET - Urban operational and analysis tools for urban water management

We prepare high-quality composites of precipitation, monitored by radars and rain gauges. We obtain other data from weather bureaus and other information providers, such as Earth Observation data for evaporation computing.

All the data are stored in high-performance databases for fast access. By compiling a historical record of all the data we have built up a unique database of monitoring data and historic forecasts.

We access other parties’ data via web services and so do not need to copy them. That keeps data as close as possible to the source, where validation is performed in, for example, FEWS, Wiski, and various suppliers’ telemetry systems.