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Citizens as water sensors:

The WeSenseIt project is developing a novel citizen-based observatories of water, which will allow citizens and communities to become active participants in information capturing, evaluation and water governance. HydroLogic is one of the partners in this project where six European countries are exploring new ways to capture information about the water cycle by actively involving citizens. Citizens can use mobile apps and physical sensors that can connect to portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

You can read the full article by Leonardo Alphonso of Unesco IHE here.

Figaro progress meeting Valencia
included testsite visits 

This year the city of Valencia hosted the Figaro project review meeting.  17 international partners from all over Europe and Israel joined the meeting, to discuss a year progress of research and development. Apart from partners of the project also delegates of the European Commission to monitor the project were present.
Thoughts and experiences were shared and visits to the test sites in and around Valencia were undertaken. Coming from The Netherlands with a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius the nice climate in Spain was pleasant during the field trips. At one of the locations the new test site announcement boards where revealed and all present partners and the EC board members rushed together for a picture.

For more information on the project:  Figaro (Flexible and PrecIse IrriGation PlAtform to Improve FaRm Scale Water PrOductivity

Special mention for
innovation WOT'sUp!

At the International Water Week Amsterdam 5-8 November 2013  HydroLogic took active participation. Within the trade market place HydroLogic was present in the Holland Business Pavillion showcasing HydroNET, an award-winning SaaS solution for the water industry. 
Together with Royal Haskoning DHV HydroLogic  entered an original and innovative project for the Innovation Award: WOT's Up! For this innovation a special mentioning was received.

Here you can find more information on the innovative project WOT's Up! 

HydroLogic goes down under

HydroLogic signed an agreement in the context of the programme Partners for International Business (PIB) together with Royal Haskoning DHV, Deltares, UNESCO-IHE, Fugro Water Services, NethAus, Dutchdam, Van Oord, Witteveen&Bos and Holland Water Challenge on 9th July 2013.
The recent flood events in the Australian region Queensland in 2011 have been the driving factor for this collaboration. The main goal is to strengthen business opportunities for the Dutch consortium within the food risk management and to increase the possibilities to cooperate with governmental organisations, knowledge institutes and companies from Queensland.
From 23rd to 26th September HydroLogic will be well represented at the River Symposium to demonstrate the most relevant HydroNET flood risk management applications. These PIB activities are connected to activities that HydroLogic is already running in Australia in commission of, among others, the European Space Agency

HydroNet wins Dutch ICT Innovation Award 2013

On behalf of the HydroNET team Arnold Lobbrecht, managing director of HydroLogic, received the National ICT Innovation Award 2013 on 13th of June 2013. HydroLogic won this prestigious price for applying smart ICT to enable the implementation of climate proof solutions to water problems. An important reason of the jury to grant this award to HydroLogic is the fact that with HydroNET high value information is made very easily accessible. 

HydroNET collects all data, information and knowledge of the hydrological cycle in one open web-portal, which enables the water manager to solve actual and future water problems.

International consultancy firms, knowledge institutions and governments supply their unique knowledge to HydroNET through WaterApps. The WaterApps are made available in an AppStore, free of charge or through subscription. At the moment HydroNET is also being applied in countries outside the Netherlands which offers new opportunities for partnering with local companies and international cooperation.

More information

Weather Radar and Hydrology conference

HydroNET-SCOUT integration

HydroLogic has joined forces with hydro&meteo to research and provide radar-precipitation services in the Netherlands and Germany. This includes developing joint services by integrating the organisations’ HydroNET and SCOUT products so as to provide online information through a portal that can be customised to user requirements. The organisations presented the results of their work at the Exteter conference in UK in 2011.  
More information on HydroNET-SCOUT.

Quality assured and
environmentally aware

HydroLogic obtains ISO14001 certificate

High quality services are considered very important at HydroLogic. For that reason we have already for many years an ISO 9001 certified quality system, which we use to monitor and continuously improve all our client-related activities. Since the beginning of 2012 we have been working on a system to monitor and improve our environmental load and to include environmental friendlyness into our services. In July 2012 we were assessed by Lloyd's Register and got the ISO 14001 certificate.

FloodReadyQ mobile app developed for the Queensland State Government in Australia

The Queensland State Government's vision is that all flood prone citizens should have access to real time flood warning information. The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), supported by Royal HaskoningDHV and HydroLogic have taken an important step towards realising this vision by developing a Smartphone Application that provides end-users with flood warning and flood extent mapping information. The App is able to geo-locate the user and obtain both ‘actual’ and ‘forecast’ river level data from the nearest (to the end user) of BoM gauge stations. The App then retrieves and dislays the relevant flood map and shows flood extent in relation to the end user’s current location and a number of saved ‘favourite location’s’, which could include the users' home, business, child’s kindergarten or school, or elderly relatives home.

Flood warning information is provided in a range of simple visual forms to improve understanding and dissemination. Clear and concise flood warning messages, consistent with BoM messages, are also provided. The App also includes links to key flood and disaster related agencies and information.
For more information on this smartphone app, you can contact some of our HydroNET sales representatives.

PEARL research project:
€ 5 million grant approved

An international research consortium including HydroLogic has been awarded funding for a research project within the FP7 programme. This project brings together world-leading expertise  in hydro-engineering and in risk reduction and managment services to pool knowledge and practical experience. The aim is to develop more resilient and adaptive risk management solutions for costal communities, focusing on present and projected extreme hydro-meteorological events.
For more information on the Pearl project, you can read the artcle of consortium leader UNESCO-IHE here.

MyWater training
session in Brasil

From 7th to 10th of October, HydroLogic Research staff participated as instructors on the MyWater project user's tranings in Belo Horizote, Brazil. During the sessions, MyWater platform users in Brazil were instructed on the features, data sources and models accessible through the platform, both in a desktop and a mobile user interface format. Local users were able to have free hands-on access, guided by exercises, to explore the potentialities granted by this innovative and ambitious European project.

More information on MyWater project.

HydroLogic Portal for OPW Ireland

The Office of Public Works (OPW) aims at publishing and disseminating the results of the Flood Study Update programme (FSU) on a large scale. Use of the newest hydrological methods of the FSU programme make it possible to estimate probabilities of extreme rainfalls and floods in various locations in Ireland more accurately.

The HydroNET portal has been configured and deployed in the cloud to make accessible the available FSU information. Through newly developed interactive applications (apps) the OPW can easily make accessible the results of the FSU programme, to better inform local stakeholders on the chances of flooding. The portal’s and application’s flexible and generic developments make it possible for users to adapt and run online several hydrological modules based on most recent research results and available data.

For more information visit FSU HydroNET Portal.

HydroLogic Research participates in EGU 2013 in Vienna

The HydroLogic Research team participated in the EGU2013 conference that was held in Vienna in april 2013. EGU, the European Geosciences Union, is Europe's premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the geosciences and the planetary and space sciences for the benefit of humanity woldwide. Hydrologic Research presented several papers, among which the paper Automatic calibration of hydrologic model using fast global optimization algorithm with adaptive objectives. For abstracts of the papers and more information, please contact us at

Facts, figures and results on the EG 2013 conference

HydroLogic wins SBIR grant for HydroCity

HydroLogic and NEO recently won a Small Business Innovation Research grant in competition with 115 companies invited by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to submit proposals on 'Climate Adaptation and Water’. After a two-stage procedure, HydroLogic acquired a large-scale project in a consortium that also included research organisations such as TU Delft and UTwente-ITC and leading companies such as IBM, Royal Haskoning and Witteveen Bos.

Click here for the HydroCity website.

HydroLogic and RPS Ireland win CFRAM modelling project

In 2011 and 2012, HydroLogic and RPS Ireland together qualified for CFRAM projects: framework projects of modelling catchment areas throughout the Republic of Ireland. These projects are performed to meet the requirements of the EU Floods Directive. The two organisations recently won contracts for the Eastern and South-Eastern Basins. These projects involve model building and flood-risk analysis for a large catchment area, using hydrologic and hydrodynamic models. HydroLogic is involved in automatic model generation and calibration using the Mike modelling suite.