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Hydrologic Portal for OWP Ireland

Web-based Applications Portal for Ranfall and Runoff estimation

The Office of Public Works (OPW) aims at publishing and disseminating the results of the Flood Study Update programme (FSU) on a large scale. Use of the newest hydrological methods of the FSU programme make it possible to estimate probabilities of extreme rainfalls and floods in various locations in Ireland more accurately.
The HydroNET portal has been configured and deployed in the cloud to make accessible the available FSU information. Through newly developed interactive applications (apps) the OPW can easily make accessible the results of the FSU programme, to better inform local stakeholders on the chances of flooding. The portal’s and application’s flexible and generic developments make it possible for users to adapt and run online several hydrological modules based on most recent research results and available data.
An overview of the developed applications:
  • Back-end geospatial database, geoserver and tile server
  • Upload and download GIS maps
  • Upload and download time series (such as flow rates, etc.)
  • Data management of several hydrological modules, including generic equations editor with semantic parser
  • Development of interactive online computational hydrological modules:
    • Calculation of flood probabilities
    • Calculation of return periods based on measured and calculated rainfall information
    • Flood Hydrographs estimation including its characteristics
  • Audit trials and results reporting tools including reports, graphics, interactive maps and charts.