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Localised environmental and health information system

Lenvis is about the use of modern ICT to communicate on environment and health. Lenvis presents information on the actual state of the environment at specific user locations and possible associated health threats. 

User interaction

The network allows user-feed back to enhance the provided information. Users can define their profile representing their environmental and health interests, and access data and information accordingly. The information is customised and transformed via a powerful lenvis web-services network and delivered via several channels, including a customizable open portal.
In the Lenvis portal users view only information which is of interest to them and they can give feed back to the information presented. This feed back is also presented in the portal so that it can be shared with other users.

Monitoring data

The information presented in lenvis is based on monitoring of water (quantity and quality), air (quality) and health data as well as online running model outcomes in these three domains. 
The lenvis environment is built on service oriented architectures (SOA) technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS), which make it flexible and very scalable. 

Case studies

The functionality of lenvis is demonstrated in case studies in which the connection between environment and health are addressed. The case studies run in Bari, Milan (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal) and the province of Noord-Brabant (Netherlands). 
  • Water pollution at recreational beaches and the associated health threats are addressed in Lisbon. An alert system for beach recreational water quality is up and running. 
  • SMOG alarms in urbanized areas and associated cardio vascular and respiratory warnings are addressed in Bari and Milan.
  • The case study in Noord-Brabant addresses water quality information and flooding threats in urban and rural areas and dedicated environmental and weather information for recreational users. 

In all case studies both professionals and the general public has been involved to test if the developed concepts meet their needs. 

Watch the video

The Lenvises integrated services

Lenvis researchers discussing with end users

Lenvis portal results for bathing in Noord-Brabant