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Key to flood-resillient cities

Floods caused by excessive rainfall have disastrous effects on many cities around the world. Flooding-induced disasters are becoming increasingly frequent and range from local, water-related inconvenience to flood-induced disruption of society and devastation. HydroCity is a platform where several knowledge institutes and Dutch private and public organisations in the water and earth-observation sectors have joined forces to help cities improve their flood resilience.

The key to flood preparedness & prevention

HydroCity is an online portal providing water managers and policymakers with the hydrological and geographical data and applications they need to manage their water systems effectively.

HydroCity supports a strong information chain, which is essential for solving climate related problems. The platform collects all the available data (from sensors, satellites, telemetry, databases and maps), combines them in graphs and maps and provides smart applications for end-users (water managers and policymakers). These applications help end-users to design and implement sustainable flood protection measures and to improve their preparedness.

HydroCity includes

  • Data acquisition and storage.
  • Accurate actual and historical hydrological information on precipitation, infiltration, interception, evaporation, surface flow and storage, sewer inflow and storage, and soil moisture.
  • Accurate and up-to-date geographical information on the city surface.
  • Online access to data from sources such as telemetry, remote sensing (satellites, radar and aircraft) and ordinary citizens.
  • Internationally we provide services in various water themes.