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Our research projects are mainly performed in Delft. Here we cooperate with various water institutes such as UNESCO-IHE, Deltares and Delft Technical University

Our Research Themes include: 

Water safety and security. Risk analysis on the basis of high resolution modelling of fluvial and pluvial floods using 1D/2D simulation of inundation, dike and dam breaches. Drought analysis based on climatological indicators. Water Safety plans and optimised flood risk management in rural-urban environments. 

Regional water management. Integrated water-system analysis and water-infrastructure studies. 

Urban water management. Analysis of integrated water-cycle processes including rainfall, surface flooding, storm water drainage, groundwater, receiving waters, water supply and wastewater with treatment.
Smart water networks. Monitoring, modelling, optimization and control of water supply systems: demand forecasting, leakage hot-spots detection, optimisation, energy efficiency, emergency planning, renewal planning.
Hydro-meteorology. Provision of high quality meteorological information and online analysis tools. Model-based merging of Earth Observation data with monitoring networks. 
Decision support systems. Real-time probabilistic forecasting and analysis of high water and floods; warning and flood control including mobile apps.

Several research projects which we we lead or in which we participate:
  • HydroCity: coordination
  • Lenvis: coordination
  • MyWater
  • WaterSense
  • WeSensIT
  • Figaro
  • WEAM4I
  • Perl